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On matters a-environmental: A note on wordpress footnotes (Allison Carruth)

October 22, 2009

In response to Dan’s query about how to anchor numbered references to footnotes at the bottom of a post, here are some technical instructions:

1.Write your post with numbers where you want footnote references and then include the footnotes themselves at the bottom of the page.

2.Then switch from the “visual” to the “html” screen by clicking the right “HTML” tab on the top of the posting box.

3. For each footnote reference, add the following HTML code on either side of the number. (My example is for the first footnote, numbered 1):

<a href="#AnchorName">1</a>

In place of the word AnchorName, write a word that will designate your footnote. You might, for example, use FootnoteOne. Note that you must include the # sign before the name you chose, and you must use quotation marks on either side of the #AnchorName as shown.

4. Finally, for each footnote at the bottom of your page, add the following HTML code directly in front of the footnote. Again, Replace AnchorName with the exact name you used in step #3 above, only WITHOUT the # sign.

<a name="AnchorName"></a>

You will see that I’ve tested these instructions out by creating footnote links for each numbered step.

Example Note One
Example Note Two
Example Note Three
Example Note Four

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