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Looking forward to 2010: Cyborgs, Copenhagen, and Calamity

December 31, 2009

Rebecca Solnit, in her recent brilliant piece up on the HuffingtonPost, draws interesting comparisons between the film Terminator 2 and what the recent events (failures would be a better word) at Copenhagen say about where we are right now with the climate crisis.  The essay is definitely worth reading if you have the time as it alludes to many of the topics we discussed in 670 this past term: risk and disaster, apocalypse, climate change, cyborgs, and environmental justice.   As we move forward into the new decade, let’s hope that Solnit’s tempering of anxiety with hope, her mixing of apocalyptic rhetoric with more empowering emotions, is a sign of things to come and of new environmental imaginations, whether mainstream or subcultural, that can help people make sense and take meaningful action on our complex environmental realities, like climate change.  And hopefully the “next” Copenhagen (if there is one) will not be such a failure.  Happy New Year!

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